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rent Camping Le Colombier

35, ch de Ste Colombe - Collines de la Route de Vence
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période ouverture 01/04-30/09

Home-like atmosphere, in a pleasant, wooded, shady and flat area without risk of flooding. Camping ground with marked boundaries. 1km from city center of Cagnes sur Mer, 400m from the bus station, 2,2 km from the sea (the nearest in Cagnes), 1,5 km from railway station, a 20 minutes car ride will take you up to 1,000 m alt at the foot of the southern Alps and you will discover the picturesque countryside.
On the famous French Riviera, in Alpes-Maritimes, camping le Colombier is located beetwe

rent :
34 sites, dont 33 Traditional places - 1 rents
Diverses (mobil home, chalet ...)

Restaurant Bar ou Buvette Location Branchement électrique Branchement eau Laverie Chèques-Vacances Anglais Parlé Allemand Parlé Italien Parlé Ombragé Piscine Jeux Enfants Activités Sportives Salle de jeux, TV... HotSpot Wifi.

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